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                 Attorney | Author | Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker


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Start your morning with a positive mindset and transform your day. 

Get your copy of "The Power Cup" - a collection of my personal quotes and affirmations - to help you find the clarity and focus needed to kickstart your dream chasing journey. Grab the Ebook now - it's free!


For as long as I can remember, I have been a multi-passionate individual. By day, I'm a briefcase-toting attorney, and by night (and day), I am a motivational speaker and author of a children's book series entitled "Little Miss Dancey Pants."


I found my happy at the intersection of art and inspiration. While sharing my love for the arts, i.e. dance, through children's  books, I have found a way to instruct and encourage other millennials to follow their dreams. 


I don't believe in being realistic about one's dreams.

That's a limiting belief. Challenge your own

 assumptions of what you can and cannot achieve. 


the podcast

"Millennial Dreamers" is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by yours truly. In each episode, I give listeners easy-to-implement action steps to take their dreams from ideas to reality. I also profile successful millennial entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, and thought leaders who are living life on their own terms and profiting from their passion. 


Brandon A. Logan

CEO, Urban Capital Partners

I love how Kourtni's journey has inspired more of our peers 

 to elevate themselves. She is an agent of change.


Kimberly Thomas

Tax Accountant | Attorney | CPA

I am a frequent listener of Kourtni's podcast. Her episodes are always so timely. She does her research and can back up everything she says. Plus, I love that she shares her personal experiences because it reminds me that others are dealing with the same challenges as me.


My Life

Got an audience? Sharing insight is my top priority, and I would love to share mine at your next panel discussion, forum, corporate event, teen summit, and everything in between.


Are you interested in being featured on the "Millennial Dreamers" podcast? I want to hear your story. 


I know how challenging it can be to organize your thoughts and figure out how to get from Point A to Point B. Allow me to help you brainstorm your idea and put an action plan in place. 

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